Jumping the Picket Fence 2018-04-01T22:25:41+00:00

by Lydia Dean, GoPhil Co-Founder

A beautiful mixture of travel memoir, soul-searching, adventure and making a difference, Jumping the Picket Fence: A Woman’s Search for Meaning from the Suburbs to the Slums is Co-Founder Lydia Dean’s inspiring journey – an awakening from a lost and under-confident working mother to an ambassador for impoverished communities.

Join Lydia on a fearless, inspirational path around the world — through the ups and downs of volunteering at an orphanage in India, exploring the back roads of Southeast Asia, adopting a child from China, trekking with indigenous peoples of Venezuela, and ultimately, launching GoPhilanthropic. From magical and entertaining to painfully raw and unsettling, her experiences reveal the profound value in listening to our inner voices.

Lydia paints a beautiful portrait of her life with honesty and heartfelt prose that will surely resonate with men and women alike.

Karen Ohern

Lydia Dean is clearly a woman with a compelling story to tell. And she tells it with astounding candor, rich narrative and profound depth.

Bruce Logan

Lydia’s stories and worldly experiences are unique, inspiring, and educational for anyone interested in overseas travel, community accountability, international development, and philanthropy.

David Justice

Very inspiring how young wife and mother can accomplish so much by following her dream to make a difference in the world.

Irene Akerman

In such a time of despair and negativity in the media, we need to see examples of how humanity is beautiful, how people are strong and courageous.

We need to witness how despite incredible challenges people can build better and more positive futures.

• Lydia Dean •