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GoPhil Travel provides ‘Listen and Learn’ experiences which allow us to consider how we can best contribute – both in knowledge and resources.

Philanthropic Travel still remains an elusive term oftentimes confused with ‘Voluntourism‘ as it also combines exploring the world and ‘doing something good’ or ‘giving back.’ Our definition of Philanthropic Travel is a journey that offers an opportunity for travelers to engage with and be a partner to people and programs committed to positive change in their communities. These visits allow us to consider the context and challenges involved in development work and to make informed philanthropic decisions.

Offering deep knowledge within both the Philanthropic Travel and NGO sectors, GoPhilanthropic Travel offers a safe and responsible bridge between traveling with ‘giving back’ — one that encourages the most ethical and effective support for local community efforts. Our guidelines for ethos and process for delivering Philanthropic Journeys are generated from years of experience, from learning what we could have done better and from experiences that made our journeys more meaningful.

We Are Committed To

Identifying Trustworthy Programs

GoPhilanthropic Travel works in close partnership with GoPhilanthropic Foundation which offers a careful and robust system of NGO vetting and monitoring of donations. This takes the guesswork out of finding honest and effective NGO’s and ensuring that your support is making a positive impact in local communities.

Supporting Self-Sufficiency

Our philanthropic efforts are rooted in collaboration, where NGOs are partners and contributors to global issues as opposed to ‘receivers’ of funding. Understanding what a program needs requires time and experience and complete focus on their priorities, not ours. We work in conjunction with GoPhilanthropic Foundation, a US based grant-making organization with a deep rooted commitment to helping people and programs become self-reliant as opposed to dependent.

Child Protection

GoPhilanthropic Travel maintains strict policies as it relates to visiting programs that involve children, during which we always:

  • Adhere to the program’s child protection policy including taking photographs
  • Avoid disruption of normal activities
  • Do not give gifts directly to children. (If you are a sponsor, alternate arrangements can be made)
  • Do not allow exchange of emails or social media with sponsored children under 18
  • Do not allow private meetings with children
  • Beware of funding orphanages (Learn more about this topic by reading ‘Funding Orphanages: Is it Helping or Hurting?’ – click here!

Donations: A Personal Matter

There is no required donation expected on any of our trips. Our individual desire to give is a very personal matter and it is our goal to lead you to great people and organizations doing impactful work in the world. We hope that these journeys are catalysts to global involvement, that they open doors — be it mental, spiritual or intellectual in understanding our individual power to be a part of the positive change. 

Monitoring & Reporting

Any funds contributed are tracked and monitored very closely through GoPhilanthropic Foundation’s grant reporting system. You will receive updates on the impact your contribution has made as well as tax donation receipts.