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GoPhilanthropic Foundation believes in providing a ‘leg up’ as opposed to a ‘hand-out’ approach, with a view to helping small, amazing organizations become more self-reliant.

GoPhilanthropic Travel provides a unique opportunity for travel by working in partnership with GoPhilanthropic Foundation, a registered 501c3 non-profit, committed to partnerships with a carefully vetted group of not for profit organizations around the world providing effective, creative and sustainable solutions to global issues.

The Foundation provides needed funding and tools for their partner programs in addition to guidance and support for their development as a whole—strengthening the skills they need to more effectively stand on their own.

Through a series of on-site assessments, regular communication and development workshops, the Foundation staff help identify and transfer the skills and knowledge small non-profits need to scale from and develop on a healthy trajectory.

Located in Guatemala, India, SE Asia, and Africa, GoPhilanthropic Foundation’s partner programs focus on education as the main solution to protecting and empowering vulnerable and marginalized populations.

GoPhilanthropic travelers are given rare access to a vetted portfolio of organizations and experience first-hand a deeper understanding of pressing issues faced by the countries they visit.

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