January 07 – 16, 2018

An in-depth look at the link between poverty and human trafficking and the power of community development

This journey, rich in culture and history, takes you from the archeological wonders of Angkor Wat, to the bustling streets of Hanoi, then onto the picturesque terraced terrain of Sapa— the fertile, northernmost region of Vietnam. While this region of SE Asia offer staggering beauty in so many forms, it ranks among the poorest in the world. The intergenerational post traumatic effects of the Khmer Rouge and Vietnam War are still tangible today and have resulted in extreme poverty and a lack of education.  Effects of this destruction are seen in a widespread weakening of the family and community networks and a vulnerability to human trafficking, now one of the faster growing industries Couple your historical and cultural exploration of these magnificent yet complex countries with a deep dive into the issues surrounding poverty, gender-discrimination and human trafficking.  Meet with GoPhil Foundation’s carefully vetted group of courageous change-makers, local non-profits working hard to rebuild a stronger families, communities and futures through community-driven education and empowerment programs. 

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